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March ….”Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is?”

Perhaps someone should have a word with the weather and remind it that spring has officially sprung!

I think we usually expect snow in the months leading up to Christmas, although I do remember a very heavy snowfall 27 years ago when I was expecting No 2 son! It has caused more than a few problems over the last few weeks – I did feel it was beautiful when my world was white over, still and quiet. However, it’s not such a good feeling when when you know you should try to get into work. The thought of sliding across the roads, bumping into snow drifts or the odd tractor storming towards you down single track country lanes did not fill me with enthusiasm. Luckily as I only work 2.5 days a week the snow appeared on an ‘off’ day – phew relief flooded through me! No need to worry – I could watch the white, wintry world from the safety of my warm cosy house. I did venture out well it would be rude not to see how Mother Nature spreads the white stuff around.



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Not sure yet…

Since the last time I was here…yes it was a while ago….life has slightly changed for me. September 2017 I made a big decision to leave my job of seventeen years as a school secretary. Christmas was my leaving date and I hoped to have another job to begin 2018. October saw me applying daily for employment of all varieties, anything that I felt I could do or would enjoy. Enjoyment and part time were my main criteria now. Not that I didn’t enjoy my school job I felt I needed a new experience. I accepted a job within a removal firm – lets just say it wasn’t for me and I didn’t stay. Strangely I was asked if I would come back to my old school for just a few hours a week to cover until the office was fully manned at the start of February. I accepted – no one sensible is going to turn down cash and it was on my terms so why not!

Here is my big problem I have been offered and I have accepted a school secretary job in a private school – only 90 children – but bang goes my big ideas of a change in employment. To be truthful I did not seem to fit any of the other jobs I applied for. I was always close but never the exact fit, for the employer as well as myself. So this job seemed to be a good idea. I am getting to the point hang on with me – now I am slightly worried I can’t do it. Firstly it’s an 8.00 a.m start and a 5.30p.m. finish. I can’t remember ever working such long hours, will I be able to stay alert for that length of time? The previous secretary leaves after me spending 1.5 days with her – oh dear not long for a handover! Good point it’s just 2.5 days a week – bad point is I really don’t seem to know what to do with those days I will not be at work. Other than housework, food shopping and the boring daytime t.v. that seems to creep into my quiet hours. After moving areas to downsize I realise I don’t have any friends – how sad is that – actually it is so sad I could weep…..

Will have to wait and see how I feel after a few weeks….

I am trying to think positive and smile

Maz x

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‘That’s all folks!’ a new journey?? …..

Well as Bugs Bunny said ‘That’s all folks!’ and another school year has ended. Sixteen years I have been a school secretary – 16 end of year school procedures I have undertaken – that’s an awful lot of children I have moved up through the school and out of it to start their new journey at the junior school. 16 new beginnings for 60 little ones starting their education with us at the infants. I have enjoyed those years and at the beginning it was an ideal career to have when my own boys were young. No child care during the long six weeks holidays!

However, now I am thinking it’s time for a change? Often I am told that the school office is the epicentre of the school. Where all problems are solved, tears are often spilled, confidences whispered, heartbreaking and heart warming news shared and my virtual swear box is continually overflowing! It is also the place where all the rubbish is dumped – physical or mental. The one stop shop that staff and parents assume everything can be made to appear or be repaired with the wave of -nope not a wand – but usually the magic of the WWW or in lesser problems the help of the telephone and our pleasant help desk advisers! There is not a magic wand or a magic fairy or even a Minna (who did all the loathsome jobs) as we used to say in Germany. In actual fact it is I (sorry just had to do the quote “It is I, Leclerc!” -you’ll either know it or not) who sorts out the chaos and tries to bring pink calmness into the raging purple madness.

If I am so important and central to the running of the school here are a few questions I have asked myself recently. How come in those sixteen years I have never been asked to watch a Christmas performance (we have at least three including rehearsals). Yet I type up the programmes, source costumes, stitch and iron on occasions and smile pleasantly as devoted parents come to watch their little darlings. The same little darlings that I have seen grow from shy little three year olds to confident, sometimes over confident, seven year olds. Same goes for sports days and the most hurtful of all the Leavers Service when our Y2 sing their hearts out as they start on the next step of their educational journey. Not asked to pop into the school disco, unless I am volunteered to help out, after I have popped to the shops on the way home to buy juice and biscuits.

I would like to feel that I have made a difference to the children and staff’s lives during those years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusion that if I were to leave tomorrow, yes I would be missed, but not for me, myself, but for the things that I do. I often refer to my job in the sense of throwing a pebble into a lake, it would ripple for a while then become calm again. I would cause the ripple by leaving, but as soon as my vacant seat is filled the calmness would resume again. At present I find myself saying frequently after another disaster has been averted, ‘you’ll miss me when I’m gone’ with the reply being ‘but you’re not going anywhere!’ Oh dear, I wonder what they would say if they knew what I am thinking.

I need to make a big decision and the most important point of issue is – where do I go and what do I next? My first step would be to tell my employer that I wish to leave, but telling them you are leaving and do not have another job to go to – is even more difficult. Yes, I know, I have also been told that it’s easier to find another job whilst still employed. At present nothing seems to suit me or the skills that I thought I had gained over the years. It seems I might just be the typical Girl Friday who doesn’t really have any major skills. I feel if I don’t make the decision when school starts again this September, I could possibly be thinking the same thoughts by NEXT September. The years are flying by so quickly I would like to think I could do something a little bit more worthwhile with my time.

I need to think long and hard over this summer as chaos looms and there will be definitely purple madness!!

Any useful ideas or comments would be appreciated.

Keep smiling and drink iced coffee while the sun is shining! Image result for coffee image clip art

Maz x

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Tinsel, glitter and a sprinkle of magic fairy dust please…

Newsflash.. School secretary hits the month of December running!

School is busy during any month, but this December term is extremely short. Much too short it feels to allow all the activities that must be completed. There are calendars to assemble and cards to sprinkle with the obligatory dusting of glitter… dust? no way…you can never have enough glitter! We love to sparkle in our school and that includes the staff!! 

Must remember not to mention that you can sew in front of staff when they are short of costumes! More sparkle in the form of tinsel this time to be sewn onto t shirts. Oh it’s so pretty but tough to stitch into place but well worth the smile on the children’s faces.

1st December brought a new experience to our area…a Christmas market! A few food stalls, the obligatory mulled wine, chocolate of course, beautifully crafted wooden gifts and some fantastic German gifts. All in all it’s a small but perfectly formed market and has the delicious aroma of Christmas.  

Sparkle Christmas Tree!

It even has a Ferris wheel and a merry go round for the children…. what more could you ask for.


Alien looking…

It’s Friday, yay…but it’s the last Friday of half term week which means back to school on Monday. Which means chaos will soon reign again…..but…..


Until then I’m sat in the hairdressers sporting a very unusual alien like head of foils. Time for those dark hairs to be banished and silky blondeness resumed. As I’m sat by a large window this is the one time I am quite glad of my short sightedness …if I can’t see you, you definitely cannot see me!