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New Years Day decisions not resolutions…


I’ve always found New Years Day to be an awkward sort of day. If we’ve spent the previous evening celebrating then it’s usually a day of slobbing out in front of the TV. Slowly hoovering up left over chocolates, cake, sausage rolls and cheese washed down with copious mugs of tea, followed by the odd glass of wine…after 6pm of course! More recently we’ve celebrated earlier in the evening with family. Enjoying a few drinks at a local pub, with lot of laughter and quite a few bags of pork crunch! Then going home to watch the New Year roll around in peace and quiet in our PJ’s. 

1st January arrives and with it thoughts of what shall we do? First job of the day is taking down the Christmas decorations. Love the twinkling lights of the tree but today is the day it all has to be removed and boxed away. With one decoration left discreetly hanging until twelfth night to ward off bad luck of course.

After a quick flick around with a feather duster normal service has been resumed. I’m not a slave to housework that’s one reason for downsizing!

A quick browse through the TV guide proved that Christmas TV was naff this year and a trip to the cinema was required. Rounding up H, my brother and family, film chosen, tickets booked online, sweeties bagged up …cinema trips always demands treats…off we go. A very enjoyable two hours of watching a hunky Chris Pratt saving a space ship and getting the girl was just what was needed.

Leaving the cinema, BRR not only had darkness fallen, so had the temperature. Quick we need food…well NEED might be an over statement…but a quick nibble and a drink is required to end the evening. Decisions…where? Wrekin Giant pub? Ok fine…nah closed! Harvester? nah closing! Quickly find somewhere, my nose is turning blue and teeth are chattering. Light bulb moment.. Novello Lounge!

We’d visited the Lounge recently during daylight hours with my eldest son who’s vegan and it got a big thumbs up from all of us. Evening changes it into a cosy, warm, inviting place with a super atmosphere and cocktails! What more can a girl ask for .. well is asking for Tom Cruise shaking cocktails too much??

Ever helpful staff rearranged tables for us.. food was chosen, drinks deliberated over and ordered and warmth was restored to fingers and toes.

It really is a fab place with friendly staff and the food choice is different to the other establishments. We’ll worth a visit!

All in all it was the perfect end to the first day of 2017. Here’s hoping we enjoy a few more like it 😃


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