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An early birthday present…

My lovely husband surprised me last weekend with an early birthday gift. Theatre tickets for the Royal Ballet to watch The Nutcracker at The Hippodrome.

The Nutcracker was magical and not a sound could be heard during the performance. The height the boys reached was astonishing and the girls seemed featherlight. 

Oh to be a ballerina…whom I’m kidding… I’d be the baby elephant in tights… sigh.. we can all dream! 🙄

The #Hippodrome was definitely dressed to impress with its finest twinkly lights and perfect Christmas trees. The foyer buzzed with anticipation and we fuelled ourselves with coffee and fruit cake before taking our seats. We’re so rock n roll 😉

Even the fire curtain was spectacular.The boxes looked plush and comfy. I might have have to stand my ground next time and ask for a box! 

It was a special evening. Not only celebrating another birthday but also the end of a very difficult year for my fabulous husband. 

We’ll live to fight another year… onwards and upwards!


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